On the eve of releasing their long-awaited third album, Disentomb returns to Blacken Open Air to unveil their unique brand of Brutal Death Metal. Since first playing the festival in 2016, Disentomb has conquered stages across Europe, Asia and the United States with some of the largest acts in the extreme music scene and has built a massive following with their intricate and relentless style of Death Metal combined with a chaotic and intense live performance. Three years of consistently touring throughout Australia and the rest of the globe means punters attending Blacken Open Air will witness one of the country’s tightest and most entertaining Death Metal acts along with new songs performed for the first time from their upcoming album. Prepare for brutality, prepare for Disentomb.


The Cane Toad, The Common Australian Cockroach, Pampas Grass, the Euro Rabbit and the Cosmic Psychos – Irrepressible, notorious and iconic. Cosmic Psychos are the Dromedary Camel of Australian rock and roll. Reliable like drought and heavy like a bushfire. A simple marriage of bonehead riffs and primal urge.


Thanks to their balls-to-wall brand of technical deathcore, Melbourne’s BORIS THE BLADE have earned a reputation amongst fans worldwide for being Australia’s most violently heavy metal act. The release of their debut EP ‘Tides of Damnation’ in 2011 on RTD Records marked the beginning of the bands rapid ascent to the top tier of the Australian brutal music scene. BORIS THE BLADE signed with Siege of Amida / Century Media for the worldwide release of their debut LP ‘The Human Hive’ and toured globally. The are closing the curtain on their brutal existence with their final ever Australian show at Blacken Open Air.


The renegades from Santa Teresa are blazing a trail! Since releasing their second album Break The Silence in November 2018, they’ve conquered Australia. Shows at Mona Foma and Nannup festival have been highlights. They’re bringing their magic in Blacken Open Air, before hitting the road around the country again! A band on the rise!


Rising from the depths of Australia’s metal scene, dark metal outfit Witchgrinder have taken the country by storm. Taking their cues from 80’s & 90’s era of metal and industrial electronic sounds, Witchgrinder derive their songs from horror and sci-fi stories. Blending infectious riffs, powerhouse drumming and catchy structures, with blood curdling screams and tortured growls, Witchgrinder has been terrorising audiences around the country with their dominant and vigorous live performances.


With the release of their debut “EVIL UNSEEN” under their belt and a rapidly growing fan base, ENVENOMED have hit the ground running showcasing to the masses their unique brand of traditional melodic heaviness, with a modern twist! Combining the riff heavy elements of Megadeth, Metallica and Testament with the expansiveness of Iron Maiden and Symphony X, the band’s first full length offering has received unanimously positive reviews from metal media all over the globe! Having being pegged in several Australian & International nominations for last years top 10 Heavy albums, keep an eye on ENVENOMED for Detonation . . .


FRANKENBOK are a band who play by their own rules. Straight up, uncompromising and unpretentious. The Bok have written their own chapter in Aussie rock n roll. In 2019 they’re back with vocalist Dan McDougall and ready to destroy Blacken! Frankenbok don’t play metal. They ARE metal!


Princes of Japan’s revered heavy music underground NoLA are a unique, seething and explosive act not to be missed. Since forming as teens in 2010, over six releases and hundreds of crushing performances they have established themselves as one of the most hardworking, consistently impressive, and oppressively dark music groups in Japan. Bringing with them their monstrous new release Santa Muerte, NoLA are ready to meet BLACKEN with their savage and incredible live show. If you like your music sinister and your gigs volatile, NoLA are the real thing.


Desert death Devils Miazma are gearing up for their first show of the year! Since forming in 2008 the band have been exploring despondent soundscapes and sharing them around Australia. Two full length albums and relentless touring has earned them a reputation as the NT’s deadliest death metal crew. Their brand new material is ready to be unleashed at BLACKEN!.


Formed in 2010, Flaming Wrekage have proven themselves as one of Australia’s most exciting metal acts. Two full length studio albums and relentless touring has seen the band establish a rapidly growing fanbase at home and abroad. The bands’ primary focus has always been delivering an intense and memorable live show. The band has toured Europe, Indonesia and Australia, having shared shared the stage with acts such as Power Trip (USA) and Psycroptic. The last year has been a true turning point for this hard hitting quartet, playing several sold out shows up and down the east coast of Australia. With a third album on the way in 2019, there is no stopping Flaming Wrekage!


Up and coming brutal black metal band formed in 2012. Currently Christ Dismembered consists of founding members NecroSatan (Vocals & Guitar) and Plague (Drums) as well as Ominous (Bass) & The Sadist (Guitar). Since the release of their successful debut album in 2017, Christ Dismembered have been touring and performing non stop, spreading their brand of dark art all throughout Australia. 2018 saw the release of their debut music video and new single ‘Spit Forth Your Lies’. They proceeded to tour nationally on the back of the new single. The band has also performed at the annual New Dead Fest, Heavy SA, Shredfest and headlined Adelaide’s inaugural Blastfest. Get ready to get grim at Blacken!


The gang of teenage aliens hovered over an alleyway in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. Within the mechanical womb of their beat-up spaceship were a band of three fully formed men with one mind and one name… BATPISS Their days of suckling on punk, sludge, stoner, hardcore and doom radio waves had made them strong. The gestation period of the three-headed beast was over. In a blast of piss-yellow light and ectoplasm, the mother ship spewed its bastard spawn upon the earth. They blinked their beady eyes, licked the afterbirth from each other’s bodies and crept their way toward the nearest bar. And so began a non-stop gig orgy across Australia and New Zealand, and finally to BLACKEN OPEN AIR!


Spewed forth from the ruins of a dystopian empire, Exdemission are legion. The five piece ‘Death Thrash’ crew create a savage soundtrack to a world gone wrong. Combining the shredding groove of thrash and the brutality of death metal, they unleash a chaotic and catchy sound. The high speed riffage and solos of the dual guitars scream above the pummeling rhythm section. The harsh guttural vocals bring a primal ferocity to the mix.


Combining influences from various styles of metal, Freedom of Fear released their debut EP ‘Kingdom of Ashes’ in late 2015. The EP was received positively for it’s combination of melodic, technical and progressive styles of death metal with brutal simplicity and hard-hitting riffs. Freedom of Fear have shared the stage with renowned bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Ne Obliviscaris, Aborted, and The Ocean. They were crowd favourites at Blacken Open Air in 2018 were promptly invited back!


Wraith is a heavy band from Sydney Australia, just under a year old, the band have travelled Australia wide, even hitting Tasmania, with no signs of slowing down, the band are set to hit overseas 2019 & support their first international artist. From releasing their debut EP “The Pale Hollow” to doing two east coast tours, headlining their first one to great numbers, a Perth & Tasmanian tour, releasing a cover of “Sic” by Slipknot receiving great feedback & then releasing a split with Adelaide act “Mauvais” in their first year, the band are no strangers to nonstop travelling & wish to keep up the constant travel & progression.


Primitive are a four piece metal band based in Melbourne, Australia. Active since 2017, Primitive have played shows internationally and locally with world renown bands like The Crown, Origin, Psycroptic, Archspire, Alien Weaponry & more. The band released their debut EP in November 2017 and received critical acclaim with national radio play.


Hailing from Port Pirie, South Australia, MANIACAL is a five piece Metal band concentrating on writing original music with a style that blends Groove, Thrash and Death Metal. The band originally formed back in late 2008, soon entered Against The Grain Studio to record their first album. “Buried In Hell” was released in early 2010 which was met with great reviews worldwide. Their second album entitled “Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events” was released in 2018, through Shadow Beast Records. The new album was again recorded and mixed by Andy Kite with the mastering duties being handled by the legendary Jens Bogren of Sweden who has mastered bands such as Soilwork and Opeth.


Four piece experimental grind/death metal outfit, on a mission to expand minds, create uncompromising sonic waves, unsettle the norm and seek wisdom in the unconventional! Formed in mid 2016, our intention is to create something pure, organic and original that thrives on the absurd. With a diverse range of influences and inspirations, the sound mainly encompasses the stripped down, raw power of grindcore with elements of sludge, doom, death, jazz, reggae and funk to add a touch of avant-garde. Having released an EP in late December 2017 and taking the show to the live stage, the band are bringing something completely different to Blacken this year!


Harnessing the power of thrash, black and traditional heavy metal, Hell Machine are a two piece metal sledgehammer bent on destruction. Comprising of bass player / vocalist, Dave Hellrazor (Exdemision), and drummer, Mal Machine (Miazma), the demonic duo are known for their massive live sound and energetic stage performance. Their debut album Merciless Hate was release on The Black Wreath label in 2018. Showcasing a sound reminiscent of classic 80’s thrash, they play fast, aggressive, no-frills heavy metal. For fans of Sodom, Kreator, and Bathory.


Hailing from Adelaide, MAMMOTH are a 6 piece combining bluesy Southern Stoner Rock with head-crushing riffs. Formed as a 5 piece in 2006 when guitarist Josh Barohn (Suffocation/Autopsy), relocated from New York to Adelaide. The band plays music that shifts seamlessly between whiskey soaked rock n roll and bone crushing metal. This blend of hooks riffs has allowed the band to play gigs with artists ranging from psychedellic rock bands to Florida death metal veterans Obituary. After developing a loyal fan base the band released their debut album “The Calling” in 2010. With a new line up boasting a triple guitar attack, MAMMOTH entered the studio and recorded their second album, “High Friends In Low Places” which was released in 2017.


Hailing from the City of Churches, Adelaide’s newly Spawned Black Metal heretics; Altar Defecation ..Bringing forth a new era of crushing malevolence and relentless savagery. They’re bringing the darkness to BLACKEN this year!


Darwin thrashers Assailant were formed in 2016. They’ve been gigging and recording their first EP, which is due for release this year. They’re performing in the Dead Centre for the first time at Blacken Open Air.


anxiety nation are a pissed off two piece grind-punk act that hail from Alice Springs. A melting pot of riffs and attitude, Anxiety Nation don’t fuck around.


Fat Pigeon is made of four teenagers from Darwin’s northern suburbs. They play a unique style of high energy thrash metal and have a stage presence far beyond their young years. Formed at Sanderson Middle School in 2015, FAT PIGEON won Northern Territory Battle of The School Bands 2017 final, going on to play at BASS IN THE GRASS 2017 music festival. 2018 saw Fat Pigeon refining their sound and live performance. They’re ready to rock their first show outside of their hometown!


The Holy Dimes are a Central Australian enigma wrapped in a mystery, smothered in special sauce. If you squeeze them, they bleed a mix of Van Morrison and Slayer? For Gavin ‘Raindog’ Baird (guitar/vocals), Caleb ‘Switchblade’ Goman (guitar) and Joey ‘Choppers’ Klarenbeek (drums) there’s no way to accurately respond to this question. You’ll have to see for yourself. Having played to dance crazed rockers at Wide Open Spaces Festival, roughed it out with metal heads at Blackened Open Air Festival, The ‘Dimes recently recorded songs of terror and joy for their debut album at Black Wreath Studio in Alice Springs. They’ll be smashing it out at this year’s Blacken Open Air 2019!


When the scruffy carrots aren’t getting their little carrot rocks off by playing filthy heavy riffs, they’re listening to space jazz, and figuring out how they can be used to kill people in various ways. As Yaya eloquently puts it, they hope they don’t get inserted into any crass crevices for fear of imminent embolism. Coming from a chasmic stoner rock background with rich pop sensibilities, Death By Carrot in your ears is akin to the crunching resonating in your skull as you cannibalise them, mixed with the healthy sheen of their juices slipping down your gullet.


Alice Springs home-grown power-trio ADJUSTER offers a unique blend of experimental, progressive post-rock. Equal parts melodic and brutal, there is something for everyone in ADJUSTER’S eclectic sound! Comprising of guitarist Tom Cox, bassist Brodie Muller and drummer Rob Ward, ADJUSTER is a staple part of the local scene and a firm favourite for live music fans with their hard hitting, energetic performances. ADJUSTER will be releasing their long-awaited debut album later this year. Definitely a set worth catching at this year’s BLACKEN!


A sound made by using your tongue to make a clicking sound while sticking it out the side of your mouth. This action is accompanied by a tone of increasing pitch. Used when trying to indicate to a friend that the previous comment was meant in jest. Originates in the Northern Territory of Australia and is used primarily in Alice Springs.

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